Dummy's Guide to Installation of Sindhi/Urdu Keyboard V1.4


1: Open your browser and type: http://www.haibat.com/sindhi/setup.zip and press enter or click on the link.  This should open the File Download dialogue box.  Select "Save" as shown below:


2: Choose a folder where you want to install and click on "Save"

3: When the "Download complete" dialogue appears, click on "Open Folder":

4: You'll see a zip file as shown below.  DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK ON IT.  Right click on this icon.

5: When you right click, you'll see several options, select "Extract All...":

6: This will open the Extraction Wizard.  Click on "Next":

7: Check the folder where the files are being extracted, click "Next" to continue:

8: Make sure "Show extracted files" is ticked.  Then click on "Finish":

9: This will open the following folder.  You should be able to see setup.exe with same icon as below.  Double click on it to run the setup.

10: You'll get a Security Warning that the publisher could not be verified.  This is because I haven't registered the installer with Microsoft.  Click on "Run" to continue:

11: You'll see the following dialogue box when the installation completes.  Sindhi has been installed now.  Click on Close:

Verification of the Installation:

1: Go to the Control Panel and open "Regional and Language Options":

2: Click on "Languages" tab:

3: Click on "Details...":

4: You'll see Urdu installed as shown below.  Keyboard option will be set to Sindhi and Urdu on British Keyboard.  This means you are ready to type in Sindhi.  Close all these open dialogue boxes.

5: Open notepad (or any other software you want to type in).  Click on the language tool bar and select Urdu as shown below:

6: Start typing Sindhi.  For keyboard layout picture click here.




(c) 2003~2014 Haibat Abro


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